Market Analysis

PMS and 3rd Party System(s) access to include all revenue management and inventory control channels. Conduct complete SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Trends) analysis and Value Assessment for each market to validate the Competitive Set. Obtain appropriate Industry reporting to include, but not be limited to Hotelligence, Travelclick, STR, Group and LNR/CNR Account Detail/Agreements, Comp Shops and any additional and necessary data.

Franchise Systems/Evaluation

Manager will analyze the franchise affiliation (if applicable), its Standards, specifications and requirements to ensure compliance and the use of brand provided tools and resources as it relates to revenue management, rate positioning and overall online reservation presence to meet and/or exceed brand requirements.

Daily Activities

Daily revenue management activities include, and are not limited to review of room segmentation statistics, rate override, out of order inventory and market segment reports to identify unusual activity. Run and review daily reports such as pick up pace over 7-day variance, group pick up reports, Market Vision for comp set pricing, advance purchase production/pace, 3rd party website controls and overall availability controls.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Activities

Weekly activities include review of SRP Category reports, LNR/CNR account production, OTA’s and others making inventory adjustments as appropriate. Complete review of transient booking pace for 120 days from arrival, review sell-out efficiencies, group tentative business, update 53-week rolling inventory controls, blackout dates, etc. Distribute 120 . day Room Revenue forecast (Completed Bi-weekly). Standing revenue conference call with the designated hotel management team.

Monthly Activities

Review monthly Room Revenue Forecast accuracy, source of business by channel, LNR/CNR account pace and evaluate production of special promotions. Review group contract s, monthly reconciliation between the CRS and GRC log for 6 months out or based on property need.

Quarterly Activities

Review production of LNR/CNR accounts, qualify rate assessment vs. the comp set, SRP placement by value/rate level, online information through brand website and 3rd party sites, conduct online channel analysis, update booking messages, review Holiday/Special Event (pricing, promotions and booking pace), Provide data and recommendation for potential re-negotiation of volume accounts based on production.

Annual Planning and Reporting

Complete competitive rate assessment, gather data for Negotiated/Consortia rates, establish pricing for new year RFP solicitation process, assist sales team with pricing for BTS and tour accounts, ensure all negotiated/consortia rates are loaded correctly, implement new calendar year black out dates, SRP clean up, GDS audit, review and adjust if necessary government rate based on per diems, determine 53 week pricing strategies and pace vs. prior year and as needed. Establish pricing for following year for all segments. Produce Annual Room Revenue Forecast/Budget.

Optional / Additional Services:

Social Media / Online Marketing

Audit Online presence for preferred placement. Maintain active social media profiles. Provide seamless and continuous presence in all business applicable virtual channels to include, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Four Square, Pinterest, Linked-In, Trip Advisor and YouTube. Create quarterly media calendar and participation in trending topics, leveraging local events and community activities, as well as property promotions and to build Online Campaigns for Packages, Meetings and Events, Food and Beverage promotion and OTA’s for the purpose of driving awareness and revenues. Build a virtual experience through visual imaging, virtual tours, and in collaboration with local community activities, event and venues. Respond to guest reviews, check-in and messages through various channels. Review Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Meta Search / Google+