Operational and Financial Performance and Reporting

Operational effectiveness determines financial performance. PHD is committed to aligning our priorities with that of our clients to maximize revenues, create efficiencies and exceed guest expectations. As a nationwide hospitality company, our operating platform is framed with the latest integrated technology, systems and software, creating the agility to readily assess and respond to any changing conditions or circumstance. Transparency is our way of doing business. As our client, you have access to accurate, real-time, consolidated reporting. Financial reporting is in accordance with the most current Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry.

Business Intelligence and Technology

PHD recognizes the value of technology-driven processes to be able to analyze data to aide ourselves, our managers and other end users to make informed business decisions. Our solid 20+ year relationships with numerous reputable industry providers, such as M3 Accounting and Hotel Sales Pro, create an enterprise-wide system to interface with all of the major brand systems and software, adding value and access to our clients that can not readily be established or sometimes afforded at a smaller scale.

Revenue Generation

In today’s environment, it takes something to navigate and manage the many facets of dynamic pricing models, booking channels and end user demographics. Compound that with the day to day, on property Sales and Marketing and Social Media activities, it doesn’t take much for one action to negate another. This is a critical area of the operation and one that can have the most impact on your financial success, ensuring you maximize your market share. Not all Owner Operators have the organizational depth or skill sets to effectively execute this important driver of our business. PHD provides 3rd party Revenue Management Services with proven results, and is the perfect compliment to your operating team.

Where most brand revenue management services end, our Revenue Management approach is cohesive in nature with the Corporate revenue team extending their accountabilities to working hand in hand with the hotel management team, providing guidance throughout group and local account negotiations, effectively and consistently executing the agreed upon strategy across all departments, channels and components to achieve the desired financial results.

Organizational Training and Development

To be in the business of hospitality is to be in the business of people. We take a comprehensive approach to fostering our company culture and creating an environment of empowerment, development and recognition that allows our team members to thrive, focus on the customer and creates PHD as a place where people want to work and seen as an opportunity to build a career. With the ever-changing environment in labor laws, importance of mitigating risk we are partnered with some of the best of the best in our industry in these areas in providing legal counsel, labor reporting, labor tracking, benefits and compensation administration as well as organizational development and training.

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