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"When a solid foundation matters."

We recognize that your success begins with a solid foundation. Unmatched by many 3rd party management companies, as developers ourselves, we have the resources and partnerships to provide added value in the way of quality construction at consolidated pricing, overall project management, and on time delivery schedules. Much like a dance, the overall success of your project, whether it be a renovation project or new build construction, requires many steps from beginning to end and every step in between matters.
We recognize you have a choice when it comes to selecting your partners and are committed and confident in our abilities to deliver the results you need and expect. Whether in full or in collaboration with others, PHD Hospitality welcomes the opportunity to contribute to your project. Here is a small sample of our value offerings.

Full Project Needs Assessment and Management

(Highly recommended for first time developers and investors)
  • Site Preparation
  • City/Building Applications, Approvals and Submittal
  • Project and Materials Procurement and Logistics
  • Architectural Design / Site Layout
  • Interior / Exterior Materials and Finishes
  • Landscaping Design
  • Provisional Cost Estimates and Project Budgets
  • For Operating Proforma or Financial projects click here

Interior Design, Procurement and Franchise Submittal

  • FFE Selection or Custom Design
  • Art / Interior Décor Selection
  • Model Room Mock Up / Brand Submittals
  • Interior Rendering, elevations and illustrations
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • For More Information click here