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Hospitality Reputation Management: Making Your Facebook Page Fabulous

Make Your Facebook Page Fabulous

Your hotel has a Facebook page, you post staff birthdays, employees of the month, and occasional photos of the property. But are you doing all you can to make your Facebook page one that will get your former, current and potential guests to pause in their scrolling to read your posts? An enticing post will have a key element to lure a reader in: an offer with substantial savings, a beautiful wedding reception set up, your new renovation and things to do in your city. All of these topics should appear regularly in your posts along with sharing from local chambers of commerce, attractions and events happening in the area. But have you ever wondered if you might be missing something?

The Missing Links
Do you check the reviews on Facebook for the hotel? Do you respond to comments on the wall? Do you thank guests when they “check-in”? Do you “Like” guest comments and photos posted on the wall? Do you review the analytics for the page to know what content is performing better or when the best time to post is? There is more to a hotel’s Facebook page than just putting up pictures. These steps are crucial to creating a relationship and property awareness with guests.


Some properties still believe if they occasionally post an update, they’re doing fine. In reality they are not. For most hotel properties, responding to the brand reviews is the only priority – because if you don’t it will cost you money. What they don’t understand is that not responding to reviews posted on Facebook or Tweets that tag your property can cost you as well. And the reverse is also true. If you respond when a guest “Likes” your page, checks in or posts a review it lets them know that you are listening. Not just to their complaints but to every little conversation that they mention your property in. That will create a connection with past, current and future guests to foster a bond with the property. And if they give a shout out to one of your staff members, all the better! Be sure to post that kind review in the break room or office area so that it will inspire other staff members to provide amazing service.


Build the Culture
Social media success cannot be achieved without the entire team. A hotel property that has everyone from the General Manager to the Housekeepers involved will enjoy success. When staff is aware of what a great social media opportunity entails and keeps the adage of “hey, we should post this on Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest)” in mind they will see how many opportunities exist in everyday activities. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for, take a picture of and get it up on social media:

  • Has Chef created a wonderful new dinner special?
  • Was the latest delivery of fruit for the breakfast buffet especially lovely?
  • Has the first real snow finally hit blanketing the property in glorious beautiful white?
  • Is the hotel decorated for each holiday/season?
  • Are the flowers finally in bloom again?
  • Has the bartender created a new drink special?
  • Does he have an extra special way of presenting a traditional favorite?
  • Has a meeting planner created an amazing layout for a business meeting?


One word of warning though, many brands require written authorization for using a guests’ photo on social media. So it has become a best practice to feature photos without people in them (unless they are staff members and you have their consent). This practice also creates the space for our guests to picture themselves in our luxurious rooms or by our relaxing pool.
Get the Guests Involved
One way to increase the posts to your page is to encourage guests to “check-in” as they check-in. Have a sign posted at the front desk for the staff to remind them. Post signs (brand permitting) with the social media handles or even QR codes for easy viewing and liking of the page. Offer to take group photos for guests and remind them to tag the property in their post. Even installing a “Selfie Station” with the hotel handles and website on the sign can draw attention.

As you are reading this you’re wondering, “How in the world am I going to add all of this to my already very busy staff’s schedule?” There are options out there to help you manage your social media. Platforms like Hootsuite, buffer, TweetDeck, Social Flow, Sprout Social and many more will assist in making the most of planning ahead to ensure consistent posting of your content. Still not sure how you can get to it all? Give us a call at PHD Hospitality. We’re passionate about the need for and the value of a strong social media presence. We can help you stay on top of the game and ahead of the curve when it comes to social media.