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It Isn't Making Mistakes That's Critical; It's Correcting Them

What is done when a guest encounters a problem regarding a condition item or an engineering issue? How do guests know that their engineering issue has been addressed? Do you have someone at the hotel that can handle common engineering issues 24 hours a day?

Popping In…
Often times we hear about a maintenance issue when a guest is departing for the day and they ask that it be taken care of while they are out of the room. This is a case where you can provide an experience vs just fixing the problem. For all hotels that have Microwaves in the rooms – Place a bag of microwave popcorn in the room and a personalized note in the room stating something like “My name is Steve, an engineer here at the Hilton Garden Inn, I just “POPPED” in to fix you’re air conditioning/television/shower . If you need any further assistance please feel free to reach out to our Front Desk by pressing 0 on the phone.” This is a very inexpensive way (less than $.20) to turn what could be a negative into a memorable recovery and a positive guest experience.

A Little Something for Their Trouble
Chocolates from Astor Hospitality are a great way to go the extra mile for hotel guests. If an issue is brought to management’s attention and the guest is in the room while staff is fixing the issue, have the engineer or whoever is resolving the issue brings a chocolate with them for the guest or while they are dropping off the item or repairing an item. There are some great items on the site
to help leave a better impression for guests. This another very inexpensive way ($.20) to turn what could be a negative into a memorable recover and a positive guest experience.

Be Prepared
Make sure management/supervisors, front desk agents and night auditors know where Engineering keeps items like light bulbs, batteries, internet cords, plungers, and general engineering items. For those of you who are saying in your head – “I can’t leave those out or give people access they will steal them” - you have to look at the long term results vs. the short term possible expenses. The small amount of money a battery, light bulb or internet cord costs is much less than what a poor customer experience costs the hotels in revenue adjustments, negative guest scores, return business, owner relations, brand relations, etc. Create a station in the back office stocked with all these items for when issues arise and engineering is gone for the day. The simple issues can be resolved quickly
and efficiently. Being prepared turns what could be a negative experience into a memorable recovery and a positive guest experience.

If You Receive The Problem You Own The Problem
Tracking guests’ reports of issues and how they are resolved is key to a memorable guest experience. When the Front Desk receives a request, they will contact the appropriate department and write down who they contacted. Once the request has been completed and communicated to the Front Desk as completed, the Front Desk agent should call the guest to confirm it has been completed and everything is to the guests’ satisfaction.


“Complaints are just opportunities to create a memorable recovery and a positive guest experience.”


If you have great Engineering Service Recovery Ideas or Best Practices please share!