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4 Examples of Ninja Hotel Housekeeping Practices


“Housekeeping is a part of the art of living, if you don’t have that forget about it.” - Albert Hadley


The housekeepers at PHD Properties are the “NINJAS” of our enterprise; they come in and out of the guest rooms without being noticed but make one of the biggest impacts on the overall satisfactions of our guests. How do we communicate with the guests the efforts of the Housekeeping Department? How do we minimize guest complaints regarding housekeeping? How do we improve our guest satisfaction scores in the Housekeeping Department? Here are four examples of extreme hotel housekeeping practices for greater guest satisfaction.

Do Not Disturb (Guest Satisfaction)
The phone rings at the front desk and guest in room 102 is upset that housekeeping didn’t clean their room today. The Front Desk researches and finds out the guest left the Do Not Disturb (DND) sign on the door but the guest doesn’t admit it. Sound familiar? How can a hotel avoid this common complaint? Create a DND bag. Find an attractive sturdy bag with handles that will fit on the door handle of the guest room. Place a Bath towel, Hand towel, Wash Cloth, Shampoo, Conditioner and a DND Letter in the bag. Have the inspector or Executive Housekeeper place these bags on all rooms with DND signs before they leave for the day. This will lower guest calls to the Front Desk, lower PM delivery numbers, and increase guest satisfaction in housekeeping and the overall service of the hotel. 

Own It – Don’t Place Blame
“A commitment of the head, heart, and hands to fix the problem and never again affix the blame.”
Do all of our housekeepers own the rooms they clean every day? Are they proud of the quality and the number of rooms that they complete? If so would they put their name to it? Have housekeepers write a note on the notepad on the desk or by the bed stating something like (make it your own – have each housekeeper personalize it). “Thank you for choosing Hotel Amazing for your visit. Your room was cleaned today by Holly Housekeeper.” Or have a postcard sized document made up at a local Kinko’s or office supply store. The point is for the housekeepers to take ownership of their rooms. It’s just a side note – and by doing this the housekeeper will get many more tips. 

Check, Double Check and Triple Check
How do you encourage the housekeepers to check for high dust or items guests left in the room? Are the housekeepers having fun at work – Do they enjoy their job? We can answer and resolve both those questions with one game! Go to the dollar store and buy a package of “fake money” or just go to your basement and look in that board game that you lost all the pieces for and take the “game money” out. Tell the housekeepers you are going to start playing a game. Place the “fake money” in places the housekeepers are missing. Top shelf in the closet, under the bed, desk drawer, Guest Directory, Dresser drawers, inside the coffee pot and etc. (Remember where you put them so you can remove before the guest arrives if the housekeeper doesn’t find it). They can accumulate this money and trade it for real money, gift cards, free breakfast or dinner at the hotel, whatever you feel would motivate them.

Sweeten the Deal
The Front Desk phone rings, the guest calls and says there are no towels in the room or something wasn’t replaced or cleaned to their liking. Chocolates from Astor Hospitality are a wonderful way to say “I’m sorry.” Deliver chocolate along with the missing item to turn the interaction into a WOW moment.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”
Phil Collins

Please share with any Housekeeping Service and Culture best practices you have.