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5 Benefits of Online Tools for Hospitality Human Resources

5 Benefits of Online Tools for Hospitality Human Resources

How much time would be saved by hospitality human resources staff if repetitive questions about benefits could be found online – on demand? What if new hire orientation was a video that busy HR professionals and general managers could use to introduce new employees to the property? Not all tools that are used by a hospitality human resources department need be costly. Many online resources like payroll company portals and YouTube can be utilized for free - and provide time saving links for management companies with hotel properties across the United States or around the world. On demand videos can save on producing and mailing hundreds if not thousands of paper copies of important employee information like:


1. New Hire Packets and Orientation

There are many details to cover in a new hire orientation. And the busy hospitality HR person is covering them frequently. If a majority of them can be presented via video or made available for download from the net, valuable human resources time is freed up to address other more pressing issues like risk management and staffing. The repetitive nature and frequency of turnover in the hospitality industry could require a dedicated staff member to conduct and coordinate orientations. By utilizing YouTube, online portals and other similar channels, hours of time can be allocated to other tasks and even reduce headcount.

2. Benefit Information 
During open enrollment and when new employees are brought on board, many repetitive questions are answered by HR staff regarding 401K, medical, dental, vision and other benefits. With a library of informational downloads and videos on hand, and a central location to house them, HR can direct inquiries, questions about coverage, eligibility, deductibles, effective dates, etc. to centralized online informational sources.

3. Policies and Procedures
Many policies and procedures of a hotel property are similar across the brands. While there may be a few specific points that are brand specific, the majority of the policies like dress and grooming codes, standards of conduct, payroll, work schedules, holidays, etc. can be generalized and shared online. Implementing a pop up with an electronic signature section can handle the legal side of employee manual distributions.

4. Training On Demand
Employing online video training modules for teaching purposes makes it more convenient for the property general manager and the employee to complete the training. No more worrying about scheduling a meeting that will work with everyone’s schedules or needing to hold several sessions; they can take it at their leisure: before shift, after shift or at home.

5. Blood Borne Pathogen Training
This critical training module for anyone dealing with the public is a requirement for hotel properties. Making it available online cuts out the time delay that setting up a meeting with HR or a senior staff member might entail.


Although there will always be some human component necessary in HR, there is no limit to the information that can be provided online. Due to the 24/7 business model of the hospitality industry, utilizing free online tools will expedite many repetitive human resources tasks, freeing up management and HR staff time.


What human resources materials does your property offer online?