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5 Benefits of Hosting Your Next Meeting at an Airport Hotel

5 Benefits of Hosting Your Next Meeting at an Airport Hotel

Bringing a team that is spread across the country together for a one day meeting can be challenging. When they are scattered all over the map or even in close proximity the logistics can be a nightmare. Are they going to stay overnight or fly right back out that same day? Some of both? Then booking the meeting at an airport hotel might be the best solution. Here are some of the benefits of hosting a one day meeting at an airport hotel.


Traffic Worries – Resolved!
If attendees only have to worry about getting from the airport to a hotel that is within a couple of miles and back, that’s one thing off the list of concerns for those planning the meeting. For a single day meeting, the schedules are often very tight for arrival, transport, meeting, meals, transport and departure. By scheduling at an airport hotel, traffic worries are resolved.


Time Crunch – Relieved!
In the land of one day meetings, time is the enemy. Reduced budgets, expanded agendas and miles-long checklists all combine to make a very stressful situation. When you locate your meeting at a hotel near the airport, traffic, weather and other time eating concerns are relieved if not completely eliminated. The close proximity to the airport will allow for more time for the meetings. When the time from the airport is in just a few minutes versus an hour or more, which equals more items checked off of the agenda. Participants are no longer watching the clock to make sure they have time to catch their flights, they’re concentrating on the agenda at hand.


Rental Car Savings – Achieved!
Most airport hotel properties have a shuttle van. Can you imagine the savings to your event budget if you didn’t have to pay for drivers, rental cars, or taxis for many members of the team? For one day events and even for longer stays, a hotel van will be available to pick up team members from the airport, take them to restaurants and shopping in the area, and return them to the airport. Utilizing this service could save hundreds of dollars.


Meeting Room Expenses – Reduced!
The price of a meeting room at resorts or full service hotel properties can run into the thousands of dollars per day. And that’s just for the room itself. It doesn’t encompass the myriad of ways that full service hotels and resorts add separate charges to your bill for set up, break down, linens, A/V, etc. If you are having a one day meeting that is truly a “roll up your sleeves and get to work session” - an airport hotel property might be just the space you’re looking for to meet productivity and budget goals.


Catering Selections – Affordable!
Often overlooked, the restaurant and catering options at a hotel located near an airport are upscale and tempting. When obtaining quotes for the meeting space, be sure to request a catering menu. The culinary specialists on property are used to providing fare that is light enough to keep them working but still satisfied. Taking advantage of the catering options along with booking the room may also save you money in the end. Catering managers will often provide a “bundled” price for food, beverage and meeting rooms. Many also have a lounge in case your team wants a quick cocktail before heading out.



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